Unofficial Recordings - Registration Agreement
It's newest (v.1) version of rules:

These Rules, must be read and acknowledged.
This board is a sharing community, for shareres and traders with the interest of the rock, folk and heavy metal legends.

No copyrighted material
When you get to upload a show here, it's important to understand, that we do not allow any kind of copyrighted material here.
By that, we mean, any material, that was officially released. It makes no difference, if it's video or an audio recording.
We don't take responsibility for any member, who would upload disallowed material here.
The member himself will have to accept the consequences of spreading copyrighted material.
Audience recordings made on own initiative, are normally not regarded official and thereby not copyrighted.
But if some recording later comes out as official release, it has to be taken off the board immediately.

Read and answer your PM's
If member fail to answer e-mail or personal message (PM) from a staff member, he or she can get a limited or permanent ban.
So, remember to read PM's.

Good manners at the board
If you have downloaded a show, here in the hub, always leave a thank you note as the very least, showing appreciation for those,
who took time to upload the show. Be nice to other members. No flaming wars are allowed. Members that can't keep their temper will be excluded.
Use meaningful replies. Generic "copy & paste" replies are not good enough.
Please do not place demands on other Hub members after downloading your bootleg that restrict what they can or can'€™t do with that recording.
Once downloaded, that copy becomes the property of the downloader. Demands like 'do not convert to MP3' for example, are neither wanted nor police-able.
We welcome ALL file types here. Do not rant about file quality, complaints, or bitrate issues. Many formats here are universal regardless of broad bandwidth
and/or even dial-up. There are lot of MP3s here! Member consensus shows that is the most popular format here due to possible bandwidth restraints.
Don't like it? Don't download it.

Sharing is the keyword
It is important to share. Downloads are accepted and encouraged, but only if you also upload some.
Maybe not after first or second download, but a bit into the continuation, as you feel you have some you want to share with the rest
of the community here. You can also reupload expired stuff. Only by sharing these historic documents, as we regard audience recordings
to be, we can keep this hub running. If some members only download and don't upload, contributing members will pretty soon get tired
of uploading anything. So please - SHARE. Administrators reserve exclusive right to ban members, if they "contribute" with anything but
membership. We share recordings, either obtained in trades elsewhere, or recordings of our own.

Be active member
Downloading and saying thanks is seen as "active contributing" here. If a member account is left unused for more than 2 months,
it should be expected, that it will be deleted. Individuals, that for some reason feel they have been done wrong at such action,
can always apply for new account, but should expect to be asked his or her intentions to become a member.

No links stealing
[b]Post only your own uploads. It's forbidden to post links taken from other forums or blogs. It's also forbidden to take links from other uploader
from this board and post them elsewhere. Link stealers will be banned.

No external linking
We don't allow linking to other download sites (such as other boards, blogs, torrents), but for pointing to some article of interest, it's ok.
Administrators will always have the final word in such matters, as with all others. Off course links to download platforms are OK.

Board language is English
Though we are able to communicate in English, Danish, Czech, Slovak or Italian, it is important, that all members can communicate on equal terms.
Therefore language used here will always be English.

No politics here
No political messages, statements or discussions, please, this is music hub.

File types and quality
File types of any kind, regardless if they're videos, or audios, are welcomed, but try deliver the best possible you can. This means, if you have
a show, you want to share here, in a high bitrate, and in a low bitrate, share the higher one. Exceptions can occur, for instance if the lower
bitrate, sounds better, or is of different sourced recording. Best advice that can be given, is to use common sense.

Allowed artists
Community artists selection is based on the listing of artists shown here.
The lists are not definite, new can be taken in, old ones can be taken out, but administrators will at all times always have the decision, if a new
artist can be represented or not. Requests if any, should be directed to the administrators.

Follow the rules
In case of uncertainly about rules admins always have the veto privilege.
By following these simple rules, we have here a place for all members to enjoy and share the music. If anyone chooses not to to follow these rules,
and we do consider this a choice, he or she is facing the risk of being banned.

Enjoy your stay here

Board Administration